How to remove rodents without trapping them

When you discover rats or rodents in your area, it can be very depressing or stressful, but that doesnt mean that you cannot get rid of them. There are plenty of ways to remove them. By that, you can get rid of them, and finally, diseases would never be spread with the help of them. We all know that rodents are affecting humans with so many diseases for centuries. One thing about them they can survive in adverse conditions plus they are very smart and know exactly how can they survive. They can get into the tiny spots inside your house, and its difficult to remove them. 

Why using methods to remove rodents other than trapping?

Trapping, in the end, leads to the death of the species. And know that dead rodents are much harmful than the living ones because they invite other species that could spread many other diseases. So this will create an endless series of dealing with different toxic species. 

Using one-way exclusion funnel:

Success is the priority there, but yes you have to follow many steps to get what you want. And the steps are; your first step is to keenly check your house and examine what the possible entries of the rodents are. After that, what you have to do is to block each and every entry except the one so that they cannot leave from there. Make sure that the entry remained unsealed should be the one that is most commonly used by the rodents to enter the house. Up next, what you have to do is to set up the exclusion funnel to the opening and exit of the hole. 

Patience is the key to success in all this procedure. This method is very effective because you dont need to set up a trap and then wait for it to give your required results. Using these funnel can be helpful because rodents wont have any other way to go out and they are stuck inside the funnel. You can say it that way that they can go in but cant go out of it. Thats the safest way because you can release them after trapping them inside the funnel to a faraway place from your house. The advantage to it is that they wont harm the rat and you can release them to a wild place where they are not able to harm humans.

The shape of the funnel:

It is quite obvious that they look like a funnel and they are made of such kind of wires that when a rat is trapped inside it, he cannot escape. Important is that the one opening should be bigger than the other so that rodents cannot escape easily. 

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