An analysis of inhumane glue traps for rodents

So, you hate rats and mice. Guess what nobody does, its nothing that big of a deal. You have rodents infesting your house, and you want to exterminate them. You can freely do that, nobody stopping you, but some limits shouldnt be exceeded. Dealing with animals doesnt mean we become animals ourselves.

We know that rodents are one of the most destructive of critters that could infest your house. The chew many holes in the walls. Make annoying squeaking and scratching noises. Poop and urinate wherever and whenever they feel like it. And god does they spread disease. So basically, they are an extreme nuisance. Still, nobody should use glue traps to deal with.

Why kill them?

So, we get what youre going through. You should indeed deal with rodents as soon as possible. There might be small in number now but might change next week. However, that does not is the slightest mean you should kill them. Killing is not the answer to all rodent problems.

If you really want to get rid of these nasty creatures for good, you need to discourage them from coming to your house. Just use live cages to relocate them out, or even one-way exclusion funnel to drive them out. Secure all holes, gaps, and damages. Keep the house and surroundings clean, dont leave bits of food and water on the floor. This will work in the long term, rather than killing 2-3 rodents every now and then.

How do glue traps work?

If you know about rodent extermination methods, you know how popular glue traps when dealing with especially rats and mice. They are the most famous second only to the classic snap traps. 

A very strong adhesive is spread on a thick sheet of paper, board or plastic, to make sure that the rats and mice stay stuck. The strong glue is the main component. Once a rat steps on it, it wont get out. The glue is often mixed with a sweet smell to attract its victim. People may further bait the traps with fruits, seeds, etc. These glue traps are quite affordable and are easily available commercially. Setting it up is also pretty simple. Just find a spot and lay the glue trap.

Why is it inhumane?

But the ease of use does not change the fact that it's inhumane. Rodents are very cautious and observant creatures, they know that they face danger from everywhere. One a rodent gets stuck in a trap it will start to panic. This panic leads to struggle, and in the attempt to free itself from the board rodents might even mutilate themselves. They chew off the stuck feet from their body to run away from danger. 

If it cannot even do that, people like to forget about these things. The rodent will be stuck there and die of starvation. No one should die of starvation.


If you want to kill rodents just chose body grip traps or snap traps to do it. At least they mercifully do the job in an instant. Mutilation and death by starvation are horrifying acts that are hated by us humans. So why do them to animals.

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